More About Mark


A resident of Orange County since birth, Mark has been selling Real Estate since 1978 earning a Brokers license in 1981. During his career in real estate, not only has he seen the county grow, but has also seen numerous cycles of Real Estate markets allowing him to guide his clients through the good & bad times through different investment strategies & options. "We're not salespeople, we're real estate advisors. Our role is to provide quality information so our clients can make good decisions."

Marks thirst for knowledge led him back to school as an adult. Attending Cal State University Fullerton, Mark graduated with honors with a Degree in Business Administration / Finance and was inducted into two Honor Societies. "When it comes to marketing properties or submitting offers, our clients can count on us to do a deep dive on values."

With Orange County as his home, playground & primary source of investment properties, Mark is also very comfortable selling anywhere in Southern California and has owned property in Texas and Costa Rica.

Outside of Real Estate, Mark really enjoys spending time with his wife  Maria & their three sons, traveling & surfing. He also has a huge music library and plays the best music at his open houses.

More About Mitch


Mitch was born & raised in Huntington Beach and the Orange County area has been his playground his entire life.

After high school Mitch spent the next 5 years in the music industry both touring with his band and managing other bands. During that time, Mitch was responsible for negotiating contracts with record labels, venues, vendors, and other agencies. During this time, the recession and housing market crash had become the nation’s focus. Mitch used a lot of his time on the road to educate himself on what was going on which led him to exploring a career in Real Estate.

After 5 years of the music industry, he completed the necessary steps to get a Real Estate license and jumped into the business during the worst economic period since the Great Depression. “I decided that if I can learn the business during an ugly period, it would be an invaluable lesson that I can use my entire career in real estate”.

Fast forward 9 years and Mitch is still here! In that time he decided to further educate himself and get a Broker’s license as well as help build the Galyean Team to where they are today. “We spend so much time working and speaking with our clients that they become like family to us. Just like in the music industry, making real connections with people is something I will never get tired of. If our clients can invite us over for a beer at the end of a transaction, then we did our job right!”

Outside of work, Mitch enjoys working, playing league softball, spending time with his family & friends, and being involved in the community . He’s passionate for music, learning, baseball, and traveling. He recently spent 5 weeks on a solo trip across Europe and is ready for his next adventure!